360 video content -Immersive Sound VR

360 Video content and apps creation

Immersive Sound VR is the Virtual Reality division of Studio Digilog. Our Montreal-based company creates apps and original 360 video content with immersive sound.

We also license our content for VR cinemas and commercial VR venues.

Our mission is to create the most immersive and engaging 360 video experiences possible, and to use that content to bring people together in new and exciting ways.

spatialized sound 360 videos

Extraordinary Experiences

360 videos provide an immersive viewing experience that is so truly life like. It can make you believe you are actually there in the moment. One unique way to bring this experience to the next level is through spatialized 3d sound, which gives viewers a more realistic audio landscape. This type of sound will mimic the physical space viewers are watching in along with changes in volume based on where the camera is facing.  With spatialized 3d sound, 360 videos give viewers a more engaging and realistic multimedia experience.

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